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Umm Salal

Umm Salal (Arabic: أم صلال‎) is a municipality in the state Qatar.

It contains many historic places, such as Barzan Tower. It also contains the new town of Lusail, which is located on the coast in the northern part of the municipality and a part of the district called New Doha. The municipal headquarters Umm Salal is located inland, about 10 km from the coast and 15 km north of Doha, the Qatari capital.

UM Salal Muhammed Fort

Situated at 20 km north of Doha on the North Highway, Umm Salal Mohammed fort creates a vibrant impression in the visitors' mind. The fort comes into sight after going through the Umm Salal Mohammed town.

One can view the fort Umm Salal Mohammed after going about 1.5 miles. Many castles and forts in Qatar are there that attract the tourists. These include Marroub Fort, Al-Ghuwair Castle, Umm Salal Mohammed Fort, Al-Thughb Fort, Barzan Tower, Al-Zubarah fort, Al-Jassasiya and Al-Wajbah Fort.

Umm Salal Mohammed fort is a19th-century fortress. It is a four-storied structure with thick walls of sand-color. There is an impressive facade raised with traditional Arabian crenelations. Entering there lately will enable the viewers to watch the decorative architectural structures minutely. This is one of the main attractions of Qatar. This is a residential fort where both military and civil functions take place. There is a small mosque in front of the Umm Salal Mohammed fort.

Visit to Umm Salal Mohammed fort is really worth and truly exciting. It remains mostly closed. There are two towers that rise beyond the four stories in height. The styles and the tradition have been greatly married in Umm Salal Mohammed fort. Waiting patiently will let the visitors view the inside.

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